Auto Accidents

Getting your driving license is something you had looked forward to for many years. If you are the lucky few who had their friends or family teach them how to drive, you remember the exhilaration you experienced in that moment, having this powerful machine do everything you wanted it to do. You were hooked.

As you have grown older, you have realized why there are so many cars on the road. It’s not only a means to get you from home to work and back, but the convenience and utility your car offers to you and your family is unparalleled. This car is an asset to you in so many ways.

As any prudent owner knows, getting insurance is not only required but will you get back on your feet should anything happen to you or your vehicle. After all, while you might drive responsibly, there is no guarantee that your fellow motorists will do the same.

 Almost as important as insuring your vehicle is knowing what to do if you are involved in an automobile accident. Who should you be calling? What types of benefits is my insurance company obligated to pay? How will I support my family if I am unable to work? Do I need an auto accident attorney for Traverse City, MI?


What you should do in case of an auto accident. 

Getting into an accident is something no one ever wants to experience. However, if it does happen, you may be at a loss for words and won’t even know the correct actions to take to help you get through the accident. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Contact the police:

Auto accidents range in terms of severity; some can be minor fender benders involving little force while others can be more serious and cause significant injuries. If you are able to get to your phone, call the police and emergency services.

The police report the officers will draw up will be crucial for the next steps you are going to take. Also, document any injuries or damage to the vehicle by using your cell phone to take photographs of the damage to your own vehicle, the scene of the accident, the other vehicle involved in the accident, as well as anything else you may feel is important.  

  1. Get treatment:

An accident scene can be a very confusing place. While the adrenaline rushing through your system may allow you to power through events immediately after the accident, you may began to feel the effects of the impact in the days following the collision.

When the medical personnel arrive, ensure that they give you a proper checkup to ascertain the extent of your injuries and note any symptoms that you are experiencing. Also, ensure the same is done when you get to the emergency room. The documentation of everything you are experiencing will be crucial not only for the treatment that you receive immediately after the accident, but may help should the insurance company claim that subsequent treatment is not related to the accident and therefore not an allowable expense provided in Michigan’s No Fault Act.

  1. Call an auto accident attorney for Traverse City.

The fog of a post-accident scene can be thick, what with the questions that you will be fielding and all the paperwork you have to deal with. This is the reason why retaining an auto accident attorney will be crucial to how successful your next steps will be.

An attorney will help you file a claim with your insurer, and educate you regarding the benefits to which you are entitled. In addition, should the insurance company refuse to provide you with No Fault benefits and you be required to file suit, the lawyer will help you gather all the necessary documents and information to ensure you are successful in litigation.

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